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Boom Boat

Ship Maintenance

Ship maintenance

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Garbage Removal & Disposal (Foreign & Domestic

Hazmat removal & disposal

Storage Containers & Warehouse Space

Force Protection Barrier

Gangway Rental & Placement

Yokohama Fender Rental and Placement

Fresh Water Barge

CHT Removal

Slops Barge

Tanker Escort Services

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Ocean Tows

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Coast Wide Logistics Services

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We are Marine Express, proud to be the leading provider of marine services and supply on the West Coast servicing commercial and government fleets twenty- four hours a day and seven days a week.

We were founded in 1982 and have experienced an unparalleled growth rate over the twenty years of our existence. The secret to our growth is simple; we listen to our customers which intern provides us with a business road map.

We currently circle our industrial and marine industry customers with two value-added and complementary business units, marine services and supply. Each of these businesses is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest-quality, most highly effective products, systems and services.

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