About Us

Marine Express, Inc. (MEI) was founded in 1982 by Edward F. Esch, who had a passion for being on the water.

As a Coast Guard Auxiliary Member, Mr. Esch spent countless years on the water before the opportunity arose to be compensated for his passion.  Many decades later, the company continues that passion for working on the water and providing a superior service to its customer base. The company has grown from its humble beginnings of operating one 26’ fiberglass boat, “Tub Toy,” to a fleet of 13 vessels and 5 Barges.

The company began its operations in Long Beach, California in 1982 and operated there until the early 90’s, providing solely crew change services on land and by crew boat. In 1993, the company moved from Long Beach to San Francisco to explore more opportunities. Starting as a crew boat operator in Long Beach with a small customer base, MEI quickly realized the opportunities in the San Francisco Bay and began offering cargo delivery services, tug and barge services, hold cleaning services, and environmental services, which today remains the core business of MEI.

In 2005, MEI returned to Southern California, offering environmental services to it maritime and cruise ship customers by land based transportation. In 2007 MEI acquired Seaway Towing Company and its assets based in Alameda, and began offering ship assist services throughout the California Delta Ports.

From 2008 through 2012, MEI concentrated its efforts on repowering its fleet to comply with California Air Quality requirements.

In mid-2012 MEI began offering marine transportation services in the Port of Long Beach with its newly acquired crew boats. During recent years, MEI has continued to expand its fleet and presence on the West Coast, and remains focused on its mission.

MEI is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

MEI’s mission is to provide safe, reliable, and responsive maritime services to its customer base. We are dedicated to improving and expanding our fleet to meet the needs of our customers and the industry. We will remain focused on quality through employee retention, safety, integrity, and environmental compliance.

We are a full service maritime company